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Soap nuts 250g


100% Natural - Biodegradable - Reusable - Perfect for sensitve skin - Vegan !!

1 pack 250g

Comes with a free drawstring muslin bag

Soap Nuts are very popular with those wishing to embrace a ''greener'' lifestyle.

The shells are obtained from the ''Soap Nut Tree'' of which there are many types. The shells that we import are from the Sapindus Mukrossi tree found within North India and the Himalayas. Technically a Soap Nut is actually a drupe!

A drupe is a fruit with an outer fleshy part which surrounds a hard seed.  Examples of drupes are cherries, peaches, mangos and olives.

Soap nuts are used extensively in Ayurvedic Medicine.

USES & BENEFITS: The uses and benefits of Soap nuts are many and varied.

Clothes washing
Dish washing
Hair washing
Cleaning vegetables

To Use:
1 - Simply add the 100-200g of the nuts to a pot and generously cover with cold water. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow to stand. Strain the mixture into a bottle and use as required for dish washing or laundry. Essential oils may be added to naturally fragrance.

Retain the nuts to re use until they are ready to be discarded.

2 - Add a handfull of soap nuts to a muslin square bag, draw the string and secure. Place the bag into your washing machine and wash your laundry as normal. Retain the nuts to re use until they are ready to be discarded.