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Whipped Coconut Bliss


100% Organic Hand Whipped Coconut Bliss

Vegan, SLS FREE, Paraben Free!!

120ml Jar

For all over moisturisation.

So pure, there are only 2 Luxury ingredients, Pure Virgin Coconut oil and Organic unrefined Cocoa butter (Fairtrade). This product has its own truly exotic Coconut aroma.

Excellent for dry skin and scalp, especially good for caribbean (afro/relaxed) hair & scalp.

A  light butter which is easily absorbed into the skin, hair and scalp.

Comes in a stylish glass jar which can be washed and re-used or recycled.

To use: Apply all over body.  Especially after bathing/showering.

Use as often as required. A little goes a long way.

Can be used as an overnight face balm.

Works lovely as a massage balm!!

For dry scalp/hair- Apply after washing, before drying and on a regular daily basis.

Part hair and rub small amounts into your dry scalp, then brush through.

Apply a medium amount to the palm of your hands and rub over the ends and roots of your hair for deep moisturisation.

Night hair treatment - Follow the hair instructions above and follow up by braiding your hair in chunky braids before bed, tie your hair with a silk wrap.

Hair will be well moisturised, soft, wavy and shiny in the morning.

Easy to style.

Conditioner: It can be used on its own as a conditioning treatment. Wet hair with warm water, blot dry and apply a generous amount. Wrap with treatment cap of cling film for 15-60 mins then wash hair as usual.

Alternatively, scoop a tablespoon and mix in well with your general conditioner for extra shine and moisture.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, remembering the oil will solidify in cooler temperatures and liquify in warmer temperatures (over 20 degrees).

If it does melt, place on a cool window ledge or in fridge for a few hours.

Ingredients: Virgin Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) oil, Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) Seed Butter.