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Aloe vera Cleanse & Detox, Weight Management Programme

Start your Clean 9!


What is the amazing Clean 9 – weight management programme?


We offer a Detox weight management program over 9 days. This can be followed up with additional extensions to the program to suit your requirements.


Forever Clean and Lean is a diet and exercise program, designed to take the guesswork out of a lifetime of healthy eating and controlling your diet.


The Clean 9 pack works to detox the body of unnatural chemicals to kick start a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Helping you develop a long term new habits to become healthier, happier, more energetic & lose excess weight.







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Your Forever Living Clean 9 program, contains these top natural nutritional products:


Aloe Vera drinking Gel - internal cleanse & nutrition plus immune boosting.

Forever Living Product’s high quality aloe vera gel drink contains over 75 nutritional components and 200 other compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.

1 Forever Lite Ultra – Vanilla or Chocolate

Each Forever Lite shake delivers a nutritious kick of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

Garcinia Plus tablets - Garcinia effectively reduces the body’s conversion of carbohydrates into fats.

Forever Lite Shaker bottle

Forever Fiber – water soluble fiber supplement

Forever Therm – Special blend of vitamins

Tape Measure

Clean 9 Brochure & daily planner

Watch this Video to find out more!

Product & Services

OPTION 1 - Kit only – Purchase your Clean 9 kit and do the programme yourself with FREE unlimited Telephone, Email and Facebook support.



OPTION 2 Kit plus Full support

The ideal package for those new to detox & weight management or just need some encouragement. Ultimate support from preparing to start clean 9, starting and completion.


We will sit down and fully explain the 9 day process with you and answer any questions you may have. This will be followed by your pre Clean 9 Weight & Measurements being recorded in your manual. You will be shown how to keep your manual up to date throughout the 9 days and do your measurements. Alternatively, you can pop in to be weighed and measured for free with a strict 15min slot on days 3 and 9, subject to availability.



Full Kit plus – 1 Hour  health consultation in our Brentfod treatment room, weigh in, measurements and support starting the programme, FREE unlimited Telephone, Email and Facebook support.

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